Saturday 3rd June


09:00 Registration

09:45 Welcome

10:00 Opening keynote

Susan Irvine, UCL

Gregory’s gilded lips: dialogue and the Dialogues in Old English

11:00 Panel 1: Architecture

Line Melballe Bonde, Norwegian school of Theology

The Function of Framing: Friezes in Twelfth-Century Danish Churches

Karel Fraaije, UCL

Exegetic Roundels and Diegetic Doorframes: Revisiting the Völsung Images from Norway´s Medieval Stave Churches

Cynthia Thickpenny, University of Glasgow

Key Pattern in Insular Art: Seeing Space, Line, and Symmetry in Early Medieval Britain and Ireland

12:30 Lunch

14:00 Panel 2: Anglo-Saxon Animals

Calum Cockburn, UCL


Kataya McKeever-Willis, Independent scholar

The Wisdom of the Serpent: the Wyrm in Anglo-Saxon Ornament

15:00 Break

15:30 Panel 3: Germanic Prosody

Rachel Burns, UCL

‘Restless surfaces’: metrical units as geometric shape in Anglo-Saxon manuscripts

Matthew Coker, University of Oxford

Poetry Unbound

Pete Sandberg, UCL

Metadiscursivity in Old Norse Poetry: More Than Mere Ornament

17:00 Wine reception

Evening Conference dinner

Sunday 4th June


09:00 Graduate Training Sessions

These practical, skills-based sessions are aimed at postgraduate students and third-year undergraduates who are thinking of taking up postgraduate study. Students wishing to attend should register on the conference Eventbrite page, and indicate their interest in the Graduate Training Session when asked.

SESSION A: Outreach and research dissemination

A panel of researchers will discuss examples of their own outreach projects and methods of disseminating their research, including academic blogging, getting involved with university-wide events (such as UCL’s Festival of the Arts), public engagement, working with schools, and presenting at conferences. Students will have the chance to put questions to the panel, before taking time to brainstorm methods for the outreach/dissemination of their own research interests. Students will be encouraged to share their ideas and receive feedback from the panel and group.

SESSION B: Writing abstracts and proposals

This student-led session will allow attendees to explore and troubleshoot the process of writing abstracts and proposals. If possible, students are encouraged to bring something they have written with them – whether an abstract or proposal they have submitted in the past (successful or not!) or a draft.


11:30 Panel 4: Manuscripts and palaeography

Stewart Brookes, KCL

DayenuPal: A Digital Humanities Approach to Analysing Image and Ornament in Medieval Sephardic Haggadot

Frieda van der Heijden, Royal Holloway

An (Un)finished Manuscript

Ilana Wartenberg, UCL

Pattern and Ornament in Medieval Hebrew Scientific Manuscripts

13:00 Lunch

14:00 Panel 5: Craftwork

Melissa Herman, University of York

Making the Everyday Extraordinary: Ornamentation, Status and Faking It in Early Anglo-Saxon Metalwork

Dana Kovarik, UCL

The Ornamental Riverscape of Pearl: Jewel Symbolism as Read through Lapidaries

15:00 Break

15:30 Panel 6: Beowulf

Richard North, UCL

Fitte fēgan: the structure of Beowulf as a necklace

 Will Burns, UCL

The End of Ornament in Beowulf

Michael Bintley, Canterbury Christ Church

Babes in Ravenswood: Beowulf’s Foliate Marginalia

17:00 Closing keynote

Catherine Karkov, University of Leeds

The Threat of Ornament

18:00 Closing remarks


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