Introducing the Newly Merged N/EMICS

Hallo EMICS followers! We have some exciting EMICS news and information about forthcoming publications and publications in progress arising from our conferences.

The first important piece of news is that from July 2015 EMICS will officially be merging with our sister conference series at York, which has presented several international events over the past few years, including ‘Transition in the Medieval World’, ‘Subterranean in the Medieval World’, ‘Place and Space in the Medieval World’, and ‘Conversations in Honour of Jane Hawkes’.

The new umbrella network, ’N/EMICS’, will incorporate the ‘Northern Early Medieval Interdisciplinary Conference Series’, and the ‘Early Medieval Interdisciplinary Conference Series’, currently based in York, London, and Canterbury.

N/EMICS is proud to present ‘The art, literature and material culture of the medieval world’, edited by Meg Boulton, Jane Hawkes, and Melissa Herman.…/the-art-literature-and-mat…/



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